English Courses

Planet English offers a wide variety of courses available to your organisation.  Courses can be specific or adapted depending on your requirements, please see below.

General English Courses

We offer a range of English courses to meet your needs from basic to advanced.  The six course series can be completed in as little as six months if required.

  • Level 1 - Basic
  • Level 2 - Elementary
  • Level 3 - Lower Intermediate
  • Level 4 - Intermediate
  • Level 5 - Upper Intermediate
  • Level 6 - Advanced

Business English Courses

  • Business English courses are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Courses are specifically designed that are suitable for your organisation.
  • We can carry out a needs analysis to find out what you want to achieve.  
  • Having a course specifically designed to meet your requirements will give you the business English you require to succeed into today's fast moving corporate world.
Professional English Courses
Our professional English courses are designed for intermediate and above learners who need particular English in their workplace, home or for study purposes.  We cover many up-to-date topics applicable for each profession.  Units present and explain new words in context and show students how to use them.

The following professions are currently covered:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • ICT (Computers and The Internet)
  • Law
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Medicine

Conversation/Discussion Courses

  • Do you want to talk?  And listen?  Use these two skills on our discussion course.
  • We touch on a variety of topics to get you using those important skills.
  • This practical course is suitable for use with students from elementary to advanced level.
  • We use exercises such as guessing games, interviews, problem solving, values clarification, mime, role play, story telling and much much more.

Pronunciation & Accent Softening Courses

  • Specialist courses can be given to iron out pronunciation issues and problems.
  • Accent softening courses can help neutralise strong accents.  We can help you neutralise your accent within just three months.
  • Your English will be clear and easily understood.
  • You will become a confident communicator and public speaker, helping you with your accent can help you within your job and your job prospects.